Will Clarke — Mucaj — Truesoul — TRUE12124

Will Clarke drops his second EP on Truesoul this year, building on an impressive debut during winter.

We got our first taste of Will Clarke sonic prowess in February when he teamed up with Eli Brown to deliver the wicked acid house fireball ‘Our Love’. The track stands as a 2019 highlight for Truesoul and ensured Will was in pole position for a follow up on Adam Beyer’s label.

‘Nothing Is Forever’ comes a mere six months later and stands as Will’s first instrumental EP, eschewing his normal vocal-orientated approach to craft a trio of melodically rich cuts. ‘Mucaj’ drips with atmosphere, driven by layered chords and shimmering tops. The title track exudes a peak-time stomp as persistent synths build and undulate with thrilling intensity, all with a menacing retro-techno tinge. ‘Meta’ was made during a pre-dawn session in Will’s studio and is another of the artist’s brilliant juxtapositions of darkness and light, as searing subterranean synth lines and knife-sharp percussion give space to a stirring string sequence.

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