Nua Akuna – Jellow Mellow [Original Mix]

Blending sounds of her native South Africa with deep tech-house beats, Bloem aims to elevate dancefloors around the world to a state of positive energy and movement.

She has released a number tracks on Sol Selectas, ABRACADABRA records, Motek, Warung Records.

We are happy to welcome Bloem on Akbal Music with her stunning EP of mystic tribal affairs. Into Bloom has two original tracks and three remixes. Filled with exotic elements, hypnotic vocal samples , tribal percussion and weird sounds this a must for some good afro vibes.

In the remix side we have 3 massive remixes by Niko Schwind, Derun and Anastasia, all wonderfull interpretations in different ways.

Derun remix is a more balearic version of the original, filled with groovie drums and folkloric guitars combined to create a beautiful vibe on the dancefllor.

The second remix comes from Anstascia (ex Blond:ish member) ideally for a party banger situation with delicate drum patterns, juicy groove patterns, hypnotic hooks and rolling adventure. Already tested during the summer in Ibiza.

Last but not least we have the Stil vor Talent legends Niko Schwind providing a dreamy story of Inbewu perfect for a sunrise in the desert full of emotional elements but with an edgy vision , we are so honored to welcome Niko to the family.

All around a lovely package full of positive uplifting mystic conscious music.

Hope you enjoy!

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