Kansai International Airport: the world’s first airport built on the sea | Flights of Fancy 1

Like all cities in Japan, Osaka faces a serious problem of space, so the city created the world’s largest artificial island by then and build there one of the most amazing engineering works.

Designed by the Italian architectural star Renzo Piano, the Kansai Airport has a monumental terminal, silver support beams deliquesce upwards to form a framework which – when looked upon from the outside – looks like the wings of a gigantic bird.

It seems that almost a hundred years after the era of the great railway stations, the vast and lofty architecture of the age of steam was reincarnated in the form of streamlined cathedrals of flight at the end of last century. The series FLIGHTS OF FANCY shows – by means of four international major airports – a contemporary architecture of the superlative.

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A film by Andrew Davies and Sebastian Lemke

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