6 ways to keep negative thoughts at bay

“I HEARD a thousand blended notes
While in a grove I sate reclined,
In that sweet mood when pleasant thoughts
Bring sad thoughts to the mind.” ….William Wordsworth

Often when we are happy, sad thoughts run through our mind and melancholy descends on our body, spirit and soul. Ever wondered what’s the right way to deal with these sudden sad, depressing and negative thoughts that your mind indulges in?

Do not worry if you haven’t because the following ways will throw some light on how you can deal with negative thoughts that arise out of nowhere. Thoughts like somebody close meeting with an accident, something bad happening to our loved ones, your world turning upside down, these kind of negative ideas have their origins in your emotions. Emotions that show how close you are to that person or thing and how much you love them. Thinking what if the biggest fear gets realized, is the root cause of these thoughts appearing and re-appearing. You can control these thoughts, because always remember that you are the master of your mind, body, spirit and soul. No-one else controls these things in your life, while you can be dependent on others for company and togetherness, but your health (mental, physical and emotional) is your responsibility. In order to maintain a healthy mental state, keeping negative thoughts away is important, because thinking negatively weakens your aura and weakens normal activity of the brain.

Negative thoughts disrupt your focus and tend to drive you away from situations at hand that you should deal with on priority. Negative thoughts are like parasites, you know you have to kill them, but it just takes time to understand how without harming the host (brain in this case). So here are a six simple steps which you can adopt to have a healthy mental state and to keep the negative thoughts away from your brain:

1. Close your eyes and take deep breaths – whenever sudden bad thoughts appear in your mind, just sit down on a levelled ground and breathe deeply. Inhale all the positivity around and exhale all the negativity in your mind, do this 10-15 times and then open your eyes, see all the colour around and then again close your eyes and repeat this step. This will give you a sense of reality and you will stop thinking about depressing stories once you come to terms with reality and how beautiful the real world is
2. Meditate Daily – even 10 minutes of meditation goes a long way in helping the brain relax and has a calming effect that no drug or pill has. Meditation helps you focus on important daily issues and keeps you away from thoughts of past or future, which is how life should be. Live in the present.
3. Get Busy – whenever negative thoughts start creeping in, give yourself loads of work, this will prevent the brain from going into the gloomy and pensive state. Focus on tasks at hand, complete them and as soon as you complete them give yourself more work.
4. Pamper Yourself – go for a spa or your favourite restaurant, go out with your loved ones, celebrate life, indulge in activities that you never find time to do. Very often, sad thoughts arise when you consider yourself not worth of all the happiness that you have been given or are getting and then the thoughts of losing someone near and dear to you or something bad happening start coming in, the best possible way to avoid this from happening is telling yourself that you are worth much more than this, ensure yourself that you will be happier each day and that you will make yourself feel better
5. Listen to Songs – songs have a calming effect on the brain, you should listen to songs that soothe your brain and make it calmer. Madonna’s Frozen or chants of mantras or the sound of sea anything that has that calming effect should be listened to.
6. Talk to a Friend – speak out, tell your fear out loud to your friend, this can help your realize that the fear is just in the brain and has no practical aspect or even if it does have a practical aspect to it, your speaking it out loud, gives you the courage to face it and helps you think better. If you cannot speak to a friend or anyone just go in front of the mirror and speak it out, this will help you clear your brain and bring back the focus to reality

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