Intrusion by Internet

Once upon a time, in a family of three there lived many people. Harry, Sally, Their Little Boy and the numerous people on Facebook & Instagram. While they loved to show off, they also loved the little boy. 

One morning, Harry and Sally sat at the breakfast table on which were placed,  whole grain bread toasted and some locally produced left over vegetables from last night roasted. Some almond butter with bananas and orange juice and fairtrade coffee from the local cafe called Bahamas.

Sally was really sad for she had had a bad dream. Harry was happy because he had dreamed of a beautiful scene. 

So they talked and told each other about their dream, while their little boy sat on the couch, with the ipad his face agleam. 

Sally said I dreamed what happens with the Internet in our lives, Harry said I dreamed what happens without the intrusion of the internet, my dear wife. 

Sally told Harry what happens if they continue their lives with internet, she told him what she dreamed: 

“They sat on the couch, 

instagramming their feeling,

So many filters and so much to debouch

It sent The little boy reeling


Nobody cared if he broke his toy or how he was feeling

He cried for the first time

They bought him a new toy for real feelings were unappealing

And hence, The little boy broke more and didn’t care about their dime


All he wanted was some quality time

But instead he got a hashtag

And movies on Amazon Prime

They thought talking to a child was such a drag


So they spent all their energies showing off their swag

The little boy stopped talking 

Ohh there were so many things for them to brag

They didn’t care still as long as the internet was still working


The little boy made friends with a shadow lurking

Thought it was his friend

For it was the only thing working

Not something that sane minds would recommend


But how would anyone against The little boy defend

They were busy and he was alone

The little boy was just trying to blend

How could they give up their images that they made known


The little boy started using ipads and phones before he was all grown

He wasn’t confused between real and virtual

For virtual was all that was shown

He grew up and became cruel


He didn’t have no one, only the shadow that was real

They couldn’t see that he was growing distant

If only they had asked him “How do you feel”

Wish from the beginning, intrusion by internet was non-existent”


Harry listened to Sally and was aghast, he was scared and thought if it would last. But he told Sally about his dream, the one which ends beautifully and made him beam. 

He told what happens if they limit the intrusion by internet, he told her about his dream:

“They sat on the couch

Telling each other how they were feeling

So much happiness to share and good things to vouch

For The little boy it was so appealing


When he broke his toy, it was disappointment with what he was dealing

He cried for the first time

They held him tightly and long enough till he stopped squealing

And hence, the little boy broke less and cared for their dime 


He got so much quality time

All outdoor activities were shown a green flag

And even got some music instruments from amazon prime

“He is so amazing” They would brag


So they spent all their energies on him and internet was a drag

A lot of joy The little boy was giving

Ohh there were so many things for them to brag

In everything nice, he was believing


The little boy had many friends around him living

All his feelings he shared

He learnt early-on about virtues like being  forgiving

For he was so much loved


The little boy had a spark that glowed

They were available and loneliness was unknown

The little boy became a good human down the road

He was accepting and kind to everyone, like he was one of their own


The little boy started spreading positivity even before he was all grown

His abided by honesty and was truthful

For that was the only way he had known

He grew up to be very successful


He had everyone beside him, and it was ideal

The little boy became a man and it was Love that was persistent

Because they always asked him “How do you feel”

And his happiness and positivity remained consistent”


They decided they wanted to follow Harry’s dream, put away their phones and asked The little boy to give his ipad, “No mama, I like it” The little boy shrieked. They decided to lead a good life, so they gave The little boy more attention and in turn were really happy husband and wife. 
By: Saloni Bhatnagar

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