The world

By: Saloni Bhatnagar

Almere Stad, Netherlands.

Imagine a world where those in jail are the healthiest, a world where children cannot play outside unless they wear masks. A world where people are suspicious of each other forever and a world where disease is more widespread than gossip. Where social distancing becomes the norm rather than socially mixing.

With the entire world going on a lockdown, we have an opportunity to introspect, to question and to be better.

Corona or no Corona we need to evaluate. Evaluate the cost of greed, gluttony and pride. I would say Gluttony is the worse of all, the never ending greed! I associate it with not only food but also life. Humanity is where it is because of gluttony. We need to control this, we need to control our greed.

This time when we are all alone in our small niches, we need to understand the value of social connect, the best humans are those who are human. We should bring the positive connotation associated with this word. Let’s not be selfish and greedy, because it is this selfishness that has brought us here, let us be considerate and empathetic, after all it’s a choice that we make with the first thought we think.

With these, here are a few pointers of what to do during this time of crisis:

a) Do not go out if you think you may be exposed to the virus because even if it doesn’t harm you, you could be a carrier and harm others. So stop being selfish at least now

b) Do not be all negative, the world has seen worse disasters and it has survived. We will survive this, keep this in mind and keep repeating, it will end soon

c) Meditate to keep your calm. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of meditation in this situation where each one of us has to multi task and play 100 roles each moment. Meditate to connect with your brain because relaxing the brain is as important as relaxing your body

d) Be thankful for all that you have and live life with gratitude. Those who have gratitude have no qualms with the way their life turns out to be

e) Lastly, please be human. Do not stock up unnecessarily, help fellow human beings from a distance, it might be just a call to check up on their well being but please do it. You never know how important and connected your simple gesture might make them feel. Please help elderlies in their chores, order groceries for them online, talk to them over the phone, put pamphlets in their letter boxes with your number, in case they need help

Isn’t it ironical that all we have to do to survive is to do nothing? Give time for everyone to recuperate.

Saloni Bhatnagar

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