So this dessert, is everyone’s favourite in my hometown which is in the North-Western part of India – Rajasthan. This is a melt in your mouth sweet dish which is just freaking yummy and is super rich in flavour. 

This amazing sweet dish is prepared in 5 steps:

  • Boiling Milk and reducing it to half
  • Preparing the batter
  • Preparing sugar syrup
  • Frying pancakes from fermented batter
  • Adding fried pancakes to the syrup

So for this you would need:

  1. 1 liter milk (33.81 ounce)
  2. 250 grams flour (.55 pounds)
  3. Saffron strands – 4
  4. Cardamom – 3
  5. Water
  6. Sugar
  7. Clarified butter popularly known as ghee to fry

Step 1: Boiling milk and reducing it to half:

In a heavy base pan, pour 1 liter milk and boil it on medium flame till it reduces to half and becomes thick.

Step 2: Preparing the batter

Add about 250 grams of regular flour to the reduced milk and leave it to ferment for about 4 hours. The batter after fermentation should be runny but thick, like normal pancake batter

Step 3: Preparing the sugar syrup

This is the most complicated step. To about 1 liter water add 250 grams sugar and boil it. Add crushed cardamoms and saffron strands to it. Boil this till the sugar syrup becomes stringy (thick but not so much)

Step 4: Frying pancakes from fermented batter

In a frying pan put some ghee and let it heat for sometime. It should be hot. Now take, a ladle full of the fermented batter and spread it like pancakes in the hot ghee. The batter should be able to spread but should not be runny. Turn the flame medium, fry these from both sides till they are crispy and the inside is cooked

Step 5: Adding fried pancakes to the sugar syrup

Once the pancakes are fried and sugar syrup is made, dip the pancakes in sugar syrup for a minute and then remove them

The malpuas are ready!! Serve these with some plain yoghurt and it will be the best dessert ever. 

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