Meera – Part 1

Meera was an only girl born in a family with 3 boys and she was the most loved member of the family. Her mother adored her and her father fulfilled her each and every wish. She was the apple of everyone’s eyes. She had bright blue eyes and a smile that could bring joy to many in a matter of seconds. She was raised like a princess. But then she became a teenager and started questioning everything. She wanted to be more than a princess, she wanted to be an individual who can take care of herself and make her own choices. It took a lot of convincing but she finally succeeded in  convincing her parents of what she wanted.

Meera left the house as early as when she was 16 to work and live on her own. She started with living with her friends for about a month or so, and when that didn’t work out she found a hostel to stay for some time. While all the cash she had was soon to be finished she started looking for jobs. She worked double shifts so that she could afford her own place to stay. The best part about her was that she took one day at a time and maximized the potential from each day, this saved her from all the unnecessary burdens. She enrolled herself at an employment agency and soon she got a call. She was invited to be a part of the crew on a cruise. She loved the idea of travelling the world on the ship and getting paid.

Meera was named after an Indian princess who devoted her life in to an idea of a perfect love, the Indian Meera was a music composer. Indian Meera loved her fictional lover so much that she spent all her life in a state of complete trance, high on devotion. She in her journey filled with so much devotion and love, endured all hardships and opposition by the society to continue on the path she chose.

Meera was also an artist, she loved to paint and draw, she loved colors and she loved how she could paint and bring so many shapes and forms to life with the help of those colors. Her personality reflected her charisma, she was a pretty young girl but she was also well-informed, she could talk about any current affairs around the world and could also give you a lesson or two in psychology. But her heart was in Art. She wanted to study Art in the Netherlands as she admired Van Gogh and wanted to learn all about their common love. She wanted to learn how Van Gogh championed the use of color and brought so much perspective on the canvas that is in itself a subject of study for the artists.

This job was a great chance for her to pay for her education on her own and show it to her parents and everyone else, that she can take care of herself and doesn’t need to be treated like a fragile  princess all the time. So, she took the job. The cruise was supposed to leave in 15 days and travel through the Atlantic and Pacific ocean to the West coast of USA, all this was to take a month and one more month to come back, so it was an almost 3 months job, and after she would return she could start college. So it was all planned and perfect, she loved the idea of all of it. Meera would also turn 17 on the cruise itself, so that was also a great way to remember the stint.

She packed her bags a week earlier and called her parents to tell them about the trip. Her parents were worried initially but then they gave in thinking that it would be good for a rebellious teenager and also that she would turn 17 which is closer to the teenager turning into adult at 19. So they also gave their blessings for Meera’s sojourn. To say Meera was excited would be an understatement, Meera was excited, jubilant, ecstatic and proud. On the day they boarded the cruise, Meera was left spellbound with the magnanimity of this man made vessel on water.


….to be continued



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