Mariano Mellino – Marxacloxx (Guhus Remix) [Magician On Duty]

Mariano Mellino makes his Magician On Duty debut with the much anticipated ‘Marxaclox’. As one of Argentina’s most recognized and well respected progressive house artists, the Buenos Aires resident has long been a favourite of the genres premiere tastemakers Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, while also showcasing his music on Beat Boutique, Hope Recordings, Plattenbank and Sudbeat. Now landing on Magician On Duty, Mariano presents his new single ‘Marxaclox’ alongside a remix from Guhus.

Although firmly rooted in the progressive underground Mariano flexes a slightly deeper side of his studio repertoire here. Coming in smooth and laid back, it’s a deep, soulful and incredibly charming eight minute journey. Elegant motifs and tepid overlays adorn was is a full, pulsating yet charmingly meditative groove. Finely tuned percussion and tranquil arps continue to advance the narrative before a second act of creamy tones makes for an elegant apex.

The lone interpretation is provided by Guhus who returns to the label following a contribution to Hernan Cattaneo’s Balance compilation. Now supplying his first remix for the label, the Buenos Aires resident puts a deeper spin on ‘Marxaclox’. From friendly beginnings comes elegant atmospheres and redolent shades, slowly descending over dulcet beats and organic drums. Ghostly vocals soon steal the air as indistinct chimes and incandescent themes intertwine for the ultimate blend of organic design. A gorgeous remix from Guhus and one which has been performing incredibly well with DJs pre-release. It rounds out a great Magician On Duty debut for Mariano and further solidifies Guhus as a fascinating deep house talent. Highly recommended.

El patrón secreto de los números que nunca te habían contado

Todos los días usamos números, pero no siempre nos fijamos en los patrones que esconden. Algunos se pueden utilizar para hacer cálculo mental. Otros, para deleite de la vista y los sentidos. Lo que es seguro es que los números cíclicos y el teorema de Midy merecen una vitrina propia en el museo de la teoría de números.


Ya que has continuado la lectura hasta aquí, te cuento un poco más. Los números que al multiplicarlos por n mueven una cifra de un extremo a otro se denominan números n-parásitos. El 142857 es un número 5-parásito, porque al multiplicarlo por 5 mueve el siete de un extremo al otro: 714285. No siempre coinciden con los números cíclicos: el 128205 es un número 4-parásito, pues al multiplicarlo por 4 mueve una cifra de un extremo a otro, 512820, pero no es cíclico.

The 1995 Hubble photo that changed astronomy

If you hold a pin at arm’s length up in the air, the head of the pin covers approximately the amount of sky that appears in the Hubble Deep Field. The iconic 1995 image is crowded, not because it’s a broad swath of sky but because it’s a broad swath of time. The Hubble Deep Field is more than 12 billion light-years deep.

Robert Williams was the director of the Hubble’s science institute back in 1995, and it was his decision to attempt a deep field observation with the telescope. Previous calculations had indicated that Hubble would not be able to detect very distant galaxies, but Williams figured they’d never know unless they tried.

His team chose a completely dark part of the sky, in order to see beyond the stars of the Milky Way, and programmed Hubble to stare at that spot for 10 days. It was unusual to use precious observing time to point the telescope at nothing in particular, but that’s what they did.

“We didn’t know what was there, and that was the whole purpose of the observation, basically — to get a core sample of the universe,” Williams said, borrowing the concept of the “core sample” from the earth sciences.

“You do the same thing if you’re trying to understand the geology of the Earth: Pick some typical spot to drill down to try to understand exactly what the various layers of the Earth are and what they mean in terms of its geologic history.”

What makes the Hubble Deep Field an atypical core sample is that rather than observing the material as it is now, the telescope collected images of galaxies as they appeared millions and billions of years ago. Since light can only travel so fast, the telescope is a peephole into the history of the universe.

Nua Akuna – Jellow Mellow [Original Mix]

Blending sounds of her native South Africa with deep tech-house beats, Bloem aims to elevate dancefloors around the world to a state of positive energy and movement.

She has released a number tracks on Sol Selectas, ABRACADABRA records, Motek, Warung Records.

We are happy to welcome Bloem on Akbal Music with her stunning EP of mystic tribal affairs. Into Bloom has two original tracks and three remixes. Filled with exotic elements, hypnotic vocal samples , tribal percussion and weird sounds this a must for some good afro vibes.

In the remix side we have 3 massive remixes by Niko Schwind, Derun and Anastasia, all wonderfull interpretations in different ways.

Derun remix is a more balearic version of the original, filled with groovie drums and folkloric guitars combined to create a beautiful vibe on the dancefllor.

The second remix comes from Anstascia (ex Blond:ish member) ideally for a party banger situation with delicate drum patterns, juicy groove patterns, hypnotic hooks and rolling adventure. Already tested during the summer in Ibiza.

Last but not least we have the Stil vor Talent legends Niko Schwind providing a dreamy story of Inbewu perfect for a sunrise in the desert full of emotional elements but with an edgy vision , we are so honored to welcome Niko to the family.

All around a lovely package full of positive uplifting mystic conscious music.

Hope you enjoy!

Full Interview: Edward Snowden On Trump, Privacy, And Threats To Democracy | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

On the eve of his memoir ‘Permanent Record’ being published, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden talked at length from Moscow with MSNBC’s Brian Williams in an exclusive interview. This is their discussion in its entirety, edited down slightly for clarity.

CJ Bolland & The Advent — Camargue 2019 (Adam Beyer & Layton Giordani Remix) — Drumcode — DC210

‘Camargue’ gets a fresh treatment on Drumcode, as a handful of techno’s finest give new life to an R&S classic.

Coming from the studio of CJ Bolland and Portuguese journeyman The Advent, the track was born out of a golden age of Belgium dance music and first released in 1992. It stands as one of the most treasured pieces of vinyl in Adam Beyer’s collection and this six-part compilation of remixes and remakes marks a highpoint in Drumcode’s history.

The package consists of a punchy pin-sharp 2019 version of the original, as CJ Bolland and The Advent polish the edges of their time-honoured rave favourite. Maceo Plex makes his return to DC after 2014’s ‘Conjure Dreams’ and his is a bustling industrial take, with distorted vox that gives way to sheaths of stirring melody, before the spine-tingling chords enter the fore and the cut drops into broken beats. Vintage Maceo. Enrico Sangiuliano delivers a trademark cosmic rework underlined by tribal bass stabs and twisted synth lines to accompany the famous riff. It’s an outstanding remake that’s already a big summer favourite for the Drumcode crew. Adam Beyer and Layton Giordani team up with their own groove-injected, future-focused adaption, all the while never losing sight of the misty-eyed spirit of the original. In contrast to the peak-time prowess of the other respective versions, rising Dutch talent Keith Carnal moulds a liquid smooth interpretation heavy on hypnosis and sparse drums. The Advent rounds out the package with his own fresh version, a whip-smart cut that chops and changes between pounding drums, dreamy synth interludes and warbled effects.

“Camargue is one of my favourite tracks of all-time and has been part of my life for 25 years. To put it out on Drumcode with fresh remixes is a dream come true.” – Adam Beyer

Accomplish Everything With Mini Habits

Most of us don’t manage to do everything we want to do in any given day.
We only have a certain amount of time and energy, so some things inevitably get left behind.

Can you manage practicing the piano, reading books, meditating, and exercising every single day, while working a day job?
I can and you could as well.

Today, I would like to share a method I’ve found to be extremely helpful for managing all these competing goals.
It’s called: Mini habits.