I remember once Warren telling me,

after I told him I didn’t know why the person did what they did. He said, “who cares why they did it, you got what you wanted.” Dear, I couldn’t have gotten my wish any faster. I am glad you’re out there enjoying yourself. How to Travel Solo on Cruise Lines Norwegian Cruise Lines was one of the first major cruise lines to accommodate solo travelers. With the launch of its ship the Norwegian Epic, the company began offering solo studio cabins (equipped with queen-size beds) and a solo-only lounge, which gives you a quiet place to hang out and … Continue reading I remember once Warren telling me,

Aki Sasamoto: An Artist Walks into a Bar | Art21 “New York Close Up”

What happens when an artist gives up control? Mirroring its subject’s own playful and absurdist sensibility, this portrait of sculptor and performance artist Aki Sasamoto is a fluid hybrid of fiction and documentary—at once a magical realist world of spinning objects and a psychological exploration of fundamental questions about artistic creativity. Drinking and bar culture has long served as a source of inspiration for the artist. With a real-world Brooklyn bar as the main stage for her deadpan performance style, a bartender acts as a sympathetic ear for Sasamoto’s ruminations on past projects and recent motherhood. Embellished by CGI-style effects, … Continue reading Aki Sasamoto: An Artist Walks into a Bar | Art21 “New York Close Up”

Tocando timbres.

Para que Emilia sepa cómo estamos. Mi abuela, que no era mujer y vieja de balde, me dijo una vez: -M’hija, si usted supiera que la felicidad vive en una de las casas del pueblo, pero no supiera en cuál, ¿qué haría? Yo habré tenido diecisiete y me acuerdo que me quedé pensando un rato largo. Cuando abrí la boca para responder, ella me ganó de mano. Era ansiosa Emilia. -Iría a tocar timbre casa por casa, hasta encontrarla, ¿o no? -Mhm, y sí-, respondí y se me escapó una carcajada. Siempre me habían parecido fabulosas las cosas con las … Continue reading Tocando timbres.