Why Do You Feel Butterflies in Your Stomach?

It may have happened when you locked eyes with your secret crush, or before an important job interview, but what exactly caused that strange, fluttering sensation in your stomach?


Why did you identify with Snow White? Why not say, Robin Hood?

I’m not a thug, nor do I want to be a thief. I believe Snow White was brave. She found her way out of adversity. She was resourceful without resorting to crime.

OK, so it’s not about the gender of the role model?

No, it’s about the behavior of the role model.

¿Por qué se cree en supersticiones? – CuriosaMente 98

Los humanos somos más supersticiosos de lo que crees. ¿Por qué existen las supersticiones? ¿Es posible abandonar el pensamiento irracional?