Why did you identify with Snow White? Why not say, Robin Hood?

I’m not a thug, nor do I want to be a thief. I believe Snow White was brave. She found her way out of adversity. She was resourceful without resorting to crime.

OK, so it’s not about the gender of the role model?

No, it’s about the behavior of the role model.

¿Por qué se cree en supersticiones? – CuriosaMente 98

Los humanos somos más supersticiosos de lo que crees. ¿Por qué existen las supersticiones? ¿Es posible abandonar el pensamiento irracional?

The Dream of Life and Success – Eckhart Tolle

The discovery of the transcendent dimension is the most important thing in any human life. In this video Eckhart discusses the awakening of consciousness as our common human destiny and the true measure of success in one’s lifetime.

Handling Challenging Social Interactions –

How can I get my meetings to a more constructive place?

Eckhart shares that the most important thing to do when confronted with unconsciousness is not to react to it, as that would draw you down to the same level of unconsciousness. Instead, become intensely present so you can see things as they are and act from a place of sanity.

Is The State of Presence Devoid of Emotional Content? – Eckhart Tolle

Emotions and thoughts can certainly arise while we are in a state of Presence. The key is to hold the space for them without getting lost in the mind stream.